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​The first question we are always asked, after 'What's you name again?' and 'How do you spell that?', is 'What does it mean?'​, we wanted a word to demonstrate our point of focus, the delegate. Alumno in Spanish means pupil or student. It is in its Latin translation that we find the reason for choosing Alumno as it means to nurture, nourish, educate and train.


For us that is what training is, not lecturing people and hoping 10% of it sticks, but nurturing and finding the best method of encouraging people to absorb new information and truly learn. For most people that means fun, interactive, engaging education.




Rob graduated from Newcastle University with a degree in computer science. He joined the Cargill graduate program straight out of college and he elected to train as accountant whilst there, qualifying three years later.


On a course for his final accountancy exams Rob experienced a trainer whose passion and enthusiasm made a lasting impression. Rob joined BPP, one of Europe’s leading providers of professional qualifications and soon realized he had found his forte.


Initially training people in preparation for their accountancy exams Rob moved to the realm of financial services training his interest for which was piqued whilst at Cargill.


Over the past 18 years Rob has designed and delivered training programs for firms across Investment Banking, Sales & Trading, Wealth Management and Asset Management a small example of these would include Credit Suisse, Barclays, Nomura and Terra Firma. Rob’s success and reputation is based on a genuine enjoyment and excitement of being in the classroom whether the students are 80 fresh graduates joining an Investment Bank or the board of a multi-national corporation concerned their banks aren’t selling them appropriate hedges. Rob is a firm believer that if the delegates are enjoying themselves in the classroom their knowledge retention is increased immensely. 

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