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Training consultancy.

The majority of Alumno Consulting's work is in the delievering of training courses. However, as a direct result of client requests, we now offer a consultancy service supporting the needs analysis and design of training courses and programmes. Are you looking to launch a new programme? Do you have an existing programme that isn't getting the results of feedback you want?


Please get in touch for a no obligation chat around how we can breath live into an existing course or ensure a new one achieves everything you hope for.

Subject area expertise

Due to the network of excellent trainers we have access to, we can offer training in most subjects within the financial services industry. The pricincipal trainer, Rob Woods has extensive expertise in the following areas:


Business areas

  • Investment Banking

  • Sales and Trading

  • Private Banking/Wealth Management

  • Asset Management

  • Private Equity

Subject areas

  • Excel – From introductory through to advanced level

  • VBA – Introductory to intermediate

  • Debt

    • Interest rates

    • Money markets

    • Loans – Types and structures

    • Bonds – Issuance, Valuation, Analysis, Trading

  • Equity – Issuance, Trading, Introductory valuation

  • Derivatives – features, valuation and analysis for all

    • Forwards/futures

    • Options

    • Swaps

    • Structured products

  • Foreign Exchange

    • Markets, products, players

  • Portfolio management

    • Risk and return

    • Portfolio construction techniques

    • Risk adjusted performance measures – e.g. Sharpe, Treynor, Jenson, Alpha, Sortino

    • Performance attribution

    • Behavioural finance

  • Credit analysis

    • Quantitative – ratio analysis

    • Qualitative – e.g. SWOT analysis

  • Commodities - Introductory

  • Financial maths and statistics – Introductory to Intermediate

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