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Delegate feedback


We find it hard to believe that so many training course achieve, at best mediocre, and at worst appalling delegate feedback and yet the training is booked again and again. We pride ourselves on delivering the best possible delegate experience and, as a result, we're disappointed with anything less than 100% excellent feedback. You might call us obsessive.


Below is a tiny sample of some of the feedback, much of it unsolicited, that our full time trainers have received. Importantly, these reactions are the norm not the exception.

Capital markets training, London

I just wanted to say that Rob Woods is simply brilliant. He helped me navigate the most complex areas of capital markets, understand the mechanics of financial services, and most importantly- he made it enjoyable.

Rob was efficient, patient and thorough when implementing an extremely effective learning process.

I’m from a deprived background and my only route to the professional tier of society has been to draw on the energy and effectiveness of those I find most inspiring.  In 5 years at Oxbridge with 3 degrees I’ve never met a tutor more effective than Rob. I sincerely believe he could make anyone learn anything. You must make the most of having his talent, you won’t find it again. A huge well done.

MBA programme, Zurich

The content was fresh and concise, interactive nature made it easy to follow. Rob did a very good job at this.

The real world experience of the trainers was great.

NO CHANGE PLEASE, Rob is an outstanding trainer

Financial markets training, Utrecht

All trainer scores 4 out of 4

  • Extremely thorough knowledge of GFM & v ready to answer all questions. Great work

  • Brilliant communicator. Made it fun & interesting while having an extraordinary knowledge of everything finance related

  • Very professional, covered more than expected

  • Rob knows exactly what he is talking about and is very approachable for Q & A

  • Motivating trainer, Thanks!

  • Funny, knowledgeable energetic

  • Had a lot of knowledge on all topics covered. Was extremely impressed by the amount of knowledge and expertise Ron has

  • Very knowledgeable and has humour

Sales & Trading programme,
New York

I love Rob, extermely helpful and always available for extra aid if needed.

The trainers are very good at making less interesting content engaging

Great instructors who covered the content both interestingly and informatively.

I really like the insructors. They are interactive and communicate well.

Fantastic experience, great teachers

The instructors were absolutely amazing.

I hope upcoming classes have the privilege of learning from Rob

I will miss Rob, he is a fantastic trainer.

Fantasic trainers, AMAZING instructors, Excellent again


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